Sketchup Viewer on Hololens 2

Hello, i have a hololens 2 device, i dont see the viewer on MS Store. When i find this, nothing in search. I only see trimble connect for trimble application. On windows 10 with my PC it’s ok. On Sketchup i have extension AR/VR, it’s ok. On hololens 2 nothing. Can i help me ? Thanks.

Hi @Bertrand, As of Nov 17th, we have released a new version of SketchUp Viewer on the Microsoft store, that only has support for HoloLens 2.

Thanks, I tested it this week. I download the application from MS Store, I see your test model, it works. But, when I upload my models to your cloud from Sketchup Pro 2022 (trial version), when I open the Hololens 2 application it tells me that my model was created from a newer version. But I don’t have any update available on the Sketchup viewer for Hololens 2. I would like to buy licenses for our training center and our lab, but as long as the system is not stable I am stuck on our mixed reality headsets. Can you help me? Thank you in advance.

Hi Bertrand,

This is Aris, I am the Product Manager for Sketchup Viewer AR/VR.

What you experience is a known issue we have identified with the 2022 files that are published in Trimble-Connect. We are already working on a hot-fix that will resolve this issue. But until then I would like to ask you to downsave your file to an earlier Sketchup version (try 2021 or 2020) and then publish the model to Trimble Connect using the Web or Desktop version of Trimble Connect.

Please give this a go and let me know if it works. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Thank you for your quick response. The 2021 version is not available in “save as” but I was able to make the transfer to 2020. I can open my smallest model but others seem to be too big because the viewer closes itself after loading. Can you tell me the allowable limits of the Hololens 2 viewer?

Hi @Bertrand ,

The 2021 version is not available in “save as”

You are absolutely right about this, my bad.
2021 and 2022 files are in fact the same so there is no differentiation in the drop down list. Indeed, you could only downsave to 2020 and earlier, and I am glad that this resolved your first issue.

Now, regarding the maximum supported file size there are no definitive limits as there are multiple variables such as number of polygons or size of images/textures that will impact performance. We recommend keeping your models between 100k - 200k polygons and less than 40Mb overall.

  • What will help the most with performance before pushing the model into Hololens is to reduce the size of textures. The visual experience will not change as Hololens has in essence two very small screens (right in front of your eyes, so any texture above 250px will make close to zero difference in the viewing experience. A fast way to do that is to use the material resizer extension in SketchUp that will enable you to quickly resize all the texture in your model in bulk.
  • Another thing you can do is to identify the component(s) inside your model that carries most of the polygons. CG Impact report is a really handy plugin that will help you do just that.
  • Here are some more tips to improve the performance of your model. Once you get the model within the numbers I mentioned earlier it should load properly.

However, I would really appreciate if you could send me your model so that me and the team can have a look, as it will give us a better understanding of the kind of models users like yourself would like to visualize in SketchUp Viewer for Hololens 2.


Thanks for the extra tips and don’t worry about the format, it was just for accuracy. My Sketchup Pro trial period has expired. I have ordered our licenses which must be paid up front to be activated. I have to wait for accounting to do the transfer. For your information we have ordered 10 SketchUp Studio Education licenses and 25 Trimble Sketchup Pro Educ LAB licenses from your French partner “Datavenir”. We are also using 7 Hololens 2 headsets. I am willing to share our models to help you develop, we are used to be a forerunner in our learning methods and I understand that our particular use arouses your curiosity. Where can I send the documents to? I will most likely use a “Smash” link to forward these items to you. I’ll get back on topic as soon as my licenses are active. Thanks again.

Hi Bertrand,

I will DM you.