File Size limitation


What are the .skp file size limitations for working with the HoloLens? Or does it have to do more with polygon count? We bought the Viewer after Trimble Dimensions and are having a hard time getting any of our files to open. Also is there a good workflow to go from Revit or Navisworks to SketchUp for use in the HoloLens? @MikeTadros


Sketchup viewer for hololens crashes when loading my model

There is not a “set” size that you need to follow… there are variables in the file (number of polygons, size of images/textures). Generally, I try to make sure my images are small (nothing larger than 500px, max dimension or so), and try to keep my surfaces as low as possible… somewhere between 100k - 200k


Are there any other tips you could provide? We are struggling as well to get our files open and have followed the instructions above.
The university example provided works perfectly, but with even simpler models from us we are getting messages that the files are too big.

Any help would be very appreciated.


Can you share a model that I could take a look at? Looking at a specific file makes it a lot easier to point out what can be optimized.


I’m also having the same issue. I’m not sure if its a limitation of the Hololens or the software. It would be great if there is a step by step guide to optimize any models for use with Hololens and Sketchup Viewer.


We are have the same issues and have engaged with Trimble in Dubai so many times and yet it seems beyond Trimbles capabilities to get it working or provide a solution.


We are trying to export models out of Tekla and into Sketchup to view on the HoloLens. It seems the “filesize limit” is not file size driven at all. It is very trial and error to see if models can be opened on the HoloLens without crashing the app.

It would be great if there was a tool or extension that optimised imported models, particularly from CAD software such as Tekla.