Having issues loading large model on Holograhic Sketchup Viewer

I am testing out for the first time the new Holographic Viewer version of Sketchup. A customer provided me with a .skp file to try. It works fine on Windows Sketchup Viewer but I get the following when I try to open on

Unable to load model. Try saving to an earlier Sketchup Version. Search found no results.

That was at first now I am seeing a loading window and it is telling me file size exceeds recommended for optimal use. It gets up to about 88% and then the program seems to crash and go black and then I am seeing the Viewer program again not the model and it appears to be sleeping.

Now the customers model file was over 200mb and has many different tabbed views of a city.

For use with this viewer should they be splitting the file up or what should I do to make this work.?

I recommend checking the number of surfaces in the model (Model Info - Statistics). I find that models under 200,000 surfaces work best.

Also take a look at the materials used in the model. Models that exceed 500 x 500 px should be resized. Large images are very taxing on the Hololens.

for such an expensive piece of kit it seems limited

Customer has provided a smaller version of their drawing and now I get up to the 80+% range before getting a warning that it is exceeding recommended sizing.

@TheOnlyAaron If our customer agrees to share the city map with Sketchup would you be able to take a look and recommend what would be the best way to condense it to a size that works? Or someone else at Sketchup?

Unfortunately, this is not a service that we offer. I would recommend looking at any images used in the model and see if there are any model details that can be removed or simplified (i.e. Small details that contain a lot of geometry… For example, a model of a bowl of fruit sitting in a kitchen may contain the same amount of geometry as the entire rest of the kitchen!)

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I notice this post is over a year old. Have there been any updates? I’m having the same issues with loading a model. I removed all the 3-D components and that helped but I’m still only getting to about 80% when loading it in the HoloLens. My model doesn’t seem to be anymore detailed or larger than the example model that comes with the app. I would very much appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction to find a SketchUp Viewer + HoloLens expert I could talk to about learning more than what is in the chapter.