Sketchup viewer for hololens crashes when loading my model



hi i have created a 3D model using sketchup pro and have transferred it to my hololens using AV/VR extension. However everytime i load the model i start getting file size error and even after cleaning it a lot i still keep getting the same error and it crashes the sketcup viewer on my hololens. Can you kindly advice what needs to be done to make it work.


How big is your model?


Hi i have reduced the size of my model to 17MB


See this thread, I think there are still issues. I have changed the category and will ping @TheOnlyAaron


The file size can be a little misleading, as there is a lot of stuff in a SKP file that does not transfer to the Hololens. Generally I shoot for a file that has less than 200,000 faces (Windows>Model Info> Statistics) and any image files are sized to less than 500px. Check your model and see how it fits in these thresholds.


Try to use MR BUILDER lite app for Hololens


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