Loading Models via the AR/VR Extension

Hi there. Our department is try to get underway with the Hololens/Viewer package. I have a model built (11 Mb) and the textures are minimized. I have uploaded the model to Trimble Connect and accessed it through Viewer but it will not load. Gets to about 69% then crashes. I have pared down as much as I can think of. I have the AR VR Extension installed but it gives me the error that nothing is connected.

[Oops! Looks like there are no devices.
Start the SketchUp Viewer app on the HoloLens, or enter an IP address manually.]

There is virtually no support on how this extension works.
There is nothing in the Sketchup Viewer program to indicate a pairing with the desktop and vice versa.
I am running SKP Pro 2017 on a Mac running OS X El Capitan.


Hi @nickelrocket!

To connect the AR/VR extension to your Hololens, both your Hololens and your computer need to be connected to the same network and the Hololens has to be running the SketchUp Viewer.

Ideal workflow looks like this:

  1. Open SUV on the Hololens
  2. Launch SketchUp on computer
  3. Open model
  4. Open AR/VR Extension Window
  5. Make sure that your hololens is liste and selected
  6. Set initial scale for your model
  7. Click the Publish button

If you have both your HL and computer on the same network and are not seeing the HL in the list, then you can use the Enter IP Address field at the bottom of the window to enter the IPv4 address of your Hololens.

Let me know if this works for you.

As for the model being too large to load through Trimble Connect, can I ask how many surfaces are in your model (Model Info - Statistics - Surfaces). Also, when you say your textures are minimized, are they all 512 x 512 or less?

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Thanks Aaron. I thought “smaller” files meant under 1 Mb or a few Kb. didn’t realize textures were so limited.

I did finally get it to sync up. I think I’m on a different wifi than my computer system but tht IPv4 works.

Glad I could help!

Unfortunately, displaying images take up a lot more resources than you would think. Fortunately, the “displays” are so small, you don’t need very high resolution images to make your holograms look good!

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