Your model is 114MB and exceeds the file size limit of 100MB. Please reduce your file size and try again

This error message pop up no mater if it on the Web Base App or the Free Desktop Version
or in another Computer.

Can someone show me the right steps to reduce the size of the file so that my team and I can Continue are project design, please! The message will not let us go in to reduce the file.

I question if the error is a license situation thing or because we were using a Beta Version ?!


Rincon Fab Lab Maker, Corp.

In the desktop version go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and choose Purge Unused.

Since this is for your business, you need to be using SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Shop.

Maybe it’s a non-business team?:slightly_smiling_face:

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We are a non-profit charity educational community base that is under design and planning
We cant be buy software yet.

We need to us what every software free at the moment.example

Which of this object is windows, from the web app?

As I wrote:

There is no Window menu in the Web Based version. You’ll need to go to each of the panels and click on the Purge button.


I would like to reach that feature if it would let us go in the file.
Is there any other way to open the file, so we can fix this request from the popup message?

I don’t understand your problem. I’ve told you how to purge the file of unused stuff on both the desktop version and the web version both of which you’ve indicated you’ve been using.

I appreciate guiding us on accessing that Window>Model Info>Statistics and choose Purge
Unused, but the following pop up message doesn’t let me access(open the file) we are working on to fix what you are trying to help me with!

I don’t wan to loos all the work we have accomplished using an older file.:cold_sweat:

I could only open an old version the most recent version is block still, lost a lot of data.
No Bueno! :unamused::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Can you let us know how/where the model file was originally created? Was it done in the web-based version of SketchUp or was it done in the client based version?
Are you trying to import the model from your computer?

No desktop versions have this messaging to the best of my knowledge. If not this message, what message are you receiving in the desktop version?


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The OP cannot OPEN the model so there is no clicking OK.

I find it weird that the web edition will save a model over 100MB without warning and then refuse to open it later. I put this in the bug category.


Yeap, exactly!!

Can you let us know how/where the model file was originally created?

Cant remember! Where ever our group had access to create and continue the work.

Was it done in the web-based version of SketchUp or was it done in the client based version?
In other words in any free of the version available, could be Web or Client Based Version.

Are you trying to import the model from your computer?
We use to import from local laptop.

message are you receiving in the desktop version?
Was the same until we reached the license free deadline. It looks like a blocking of the most resent file from the deadline of the free licensing version. We lost a lot of data, No BUENO!!

Chances are the data is not lost at all, just not accessible because the file is too large to view on the free online platform.

That being said, if this is a model being used by a non-profit charity, it would probably be considered commercial work, and you should be using SketchUp Pro which has no limit to file size at all.

You talk unclear, we are not a lucrative company. We are a community base non for profit company.

I believe we should be under this group

We cant pay the outrages prices of a Sketchup Pro version in this page:

We are trying to help a low income community have access to this MIT Fab Lab to fix there endless in access to technology to improve there town. Can you please guide us what page has the right software to open the file?

We don’t like this either to be happening.

Apologies if I was unclear.
If you believe you fall under that group, and I agree you likely do, you qualify for a discounted edition of the software, but it’s still commercial use since it’s not just a hobby. You can probably contact them to get Pro licenses for a super cheap price here:

I have never seen or heard of a file size limitation in the desktop version. Can you share a schreenshot of what it looks like.

Regarding licensing I don’t think being lucrative or not makes any difference at all. As far as I’ve understood it the line is drawn between professional use and hobby use.

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I theorize that the model was created by a desktop version of SketchUp. The desktop version does not have size limit restrictions like the web version.

As for the stored online models, you should still be able to get to the models by going to There you will be able to download all the models you created via the SketchUp web version.

Hi RinconFabLabMaker!

I can try and have a little look at your Sketchup file.
If there are some objects that does not need to be there and can be removed to reduce size I can remove them for you and save the file so you at least can open it and decide on further reductions of polygons and/or textures.

Upload the file via Firefox Send or similar service, then PM me the link and I’ll take a look.


Hello J.L

Thank you for trying to help us, at this moment we are students even though we are Project Leaders of the Design of this Community Center, what objects do you are referring that could be removed?

We are not understanding what objects withing the file has to be removed?, when everything that was being entered/imported are needed for analysis and budget proposal purposes.

Is there a way to reduce the memory obstacle without loosing work done?