Failure to Save on Free Web 5/16/2020

Every time I attempt to save my work, I get the “Aw, Snap! … Status_Breakpoint” error

My file size is now around 134MB. Any suggestions?


First thing you might do is look at purging unused components, materials, styles, etc.

Why is your file so huge? What are you modeling?

A home design for a property we’ve just put on contract.

I’m not a pro, so its high level with no in depth infrastructure such as pipes, studs, or electric.

I am importing place holder models for cabinetry and other major fixtures. I’m tweaking this with my wife so we agree on our primary design requests and then will provide it to a builder/ architect to give them a general guidance on what we’re looking for.

The error troubleshoot suggested that I try a private page in my browser (Brave) but to no avail, still errors out when I try to save the slightest change.

So did you do what I suggested?

Sorry, I did and it saved initially. I’ll keep going and see if that did the trick. Thank you!

Aaaaand crashed again. As it is, i may just put down the hundred bucks for Pro if it will save me from the hassle, which I’m guessing is the point of their pricing model; I’m bumping up against a usage ceiling for which the price makes sense. Thanks again.

SketchUp Pro is more than a hundred bucks. The desktop version is less likely to have issues with saving very large files because they would be saved locally on your internal drive.

There isn’t a file size limitation for the free version (and they aren’t limiting the size to get you to buy SketchUp) but you may be running into a connection speed/time out issue depending on your internet connection. Again, since the desktop version would save to your local drive, your internet connection was matter.

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