SketchUp Viewer VR Oculus Issues

Hello everyone. This is my first post here.

Our company has an Oculus Rift and we also have a license of SketchUp Pro 2018. I went in, downloaded, and installed the SketchUp Viewer VR Desktop App and also installed the AR/VR Viewer extension for SketchUp. The AR/VR Viewer extension seems to work as it can find my desktop computer (which is what my Oculus is connected to. We have a dedicated desktop computer that was built specifically to run the Oculus Rift). I am able to publish my models using the AR/VR Viewer extension. However, when I open up the SketchUp Viewer VR desktop App, it tells me that there is no vr device connected. The only option is to continue without connecting a device. When I click that, it takes me to a screen that says “In order to view your own content, please sign in with the account associated with your SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Studio subscription.” I have an account (because I was able to sign in and download the apps) but when I go to sign in, the login screen just sits there and nothing happens. It’s like the login is stuck.

One last thing…when I publish a model, the desktop app will tell me there is a new model available. However, I can’t do anything with it and that window showing that a new model is available goes away after a few seconds.

Any help here would be much appreciated.


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You will only have access to the viewer apps if you have a subscription, not with the classic license.
You could download and install, allright, but now the trial has probably ended…

Hello, I am looking for help with the same problem.
I installed the SketchUp Viewer desktop application and connected HTC VIVE.
The same thing happens to me.

The screen “Please sign in with an account that is associated with a SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Studio subscription and view the content” is displayed on the desktop, but nothing happens when you sign in, and the login screen appears. It is displayed as no response.

Please let me know if there is a page on how to solve this problem.


Did anyone find a solution to this issue? I am having the same issue? Does SketchUp have a response?

Do you have the right plan when you log into your AMP?

no - I do not and I have paid for it

what did you pay? How much?

around $300 and this is the email I just got from SketchUp - Great news: SketchUp Pro 2019 is now available! Because you are up-to-date with our Maintenance & Support Program

I even have this checked on my plan - Automatically Renew Maintenance & Support:

So, you priorly had version 2018 and received the license info for 2019?

That is a classic license and not a Pro or Studio subscription. therefore, no acces to the viewers (only in trial of 2019)

The (Classic) maintenance plan is often confused with the new Subscription…

Plans and Pricing:

Mike- As I read it if you have a classic license IT SHOULD BE INCLUDED WITH A CLASSIC LICENSE. scroll down to XR headset viewing.

I’m having the same problem. I suspected it was a compability since my license is associated with my google account since i’ve had a perpetual license since 2008, rather than a trimble account. Good to know other people with normal licenses are having similar issues. It just sucks to not be able to show clients a feature that I am trying to promise.

X means no.


You are being willfully obtuse.

There are two different subscription models.

Subscription Licenses have 3 levels:


Make does not have VR/AR capabilities. Pro and Studio DO.

CLASSIC licenses have 3 levels as well:

Classic (120/dollar) Pro and Studio
Classic (120/dollar) does not have VR / AR which is what you are pointing out.Pro Classic and STUDIO Classic do have VR / AR capabilities as pointed out on this page:

You are confused. (I blame Trimble SketchUp marketing.)

There are two things being talked about here. Products and Licenses.
They are not the same things even though Trimble has decided to use a product name (Pro) ALSO as a subscription license plan name. (This has led to much confusion by the user base.)
The Licenses give access to Product or Products (plural.)

Incorrect. The product Make was discontinued after it’s 2017 release and had a clause in the desktop license that prohibited commercial use. It has never been included in any of the new subscription license plans.

There the following subscription license plans … Pro (this “Pro” is a license plan and not a product,) Studio, Studio for Students and SketchUp for Web Shop. In addition there are two other licenses Educators and SketchUp for Web Free.

Again incorrect (caused by Trimble’s confusing webpages.)

There is only ONE desktop license plan listed on this page and that is Classic. (The only one with a “Buy” button.) The other TWO are the subscription plans. (The ones that have a “Subscribe” button below them.)

The former desktop license was rewritten to remove mention of Make or free use, and was renamed the Classic license that gives access and use to ONLY: desktop SketchUp Pro, LayOut, Style Builder and Mobile Viewer.

As Mike so obtusely said, … Classic license does not include the VR viewers.

If you want to see it more plainly go to the Viewers download page, scroll down to XR Viewers and read what it says.


The general way the pages work is to show what you asked for in the left column, and then two other things you might consider in the other columns. For example, if you want SketchUp just for personal projects, you would be interested in the Free web version, but you might consider the $119 Shop version for the extra features it has, and possibly even go for the $299 Pro version. While looking at the columns you would hopefully not think that Free comes with AR features in the mobile app, just because it does come with the Shop version.

Same if you are asking about the Classic license, you are shown the Pro and Studio subscriptions as alternatives to what you first wanted. You don’t get the VR support in Classic just because it is listed on the same page in the Pro and Studio subscription columns.

It is slightly confusing, in that until there were subscription products we all would have called Classic SketchUp Pro, and if you go to the downloads page you still are given SketchUp Pro, even as a Classic license user.

In any case, Classic is the product name for the permanent license product that costs $695, and the rename is mainly to allow the $299 per year subscription product to be called SketchUp Pro. $299 is more per year than the $120 maintenance and support for the Classic license, but it does come with unlimited Timrble Connect storage, and the AR/VR/Hololens support that used to be $1500 on its own.

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I would argue that Classic is a license name that gives access rights to certain products (as I mention above.)

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Perhaps, though all of the other headers are giving a product name.

It gets more confusing when you add Classic to your shopping cart. On the next screen you are told you are getting SketchUp Pro that comes with a subscription. I will alert the authorities on Monday.


Hi Colin-

Thanks for this explanation. I know your intention is to explain the nomenclature of the website, which I agree is confusing, but Trimble needs to take some responsibility for their product line.

The license is not called “Classic”. My email that grants the license consistently calls it a “Sketchup Pro License”, not “Sketchup Classic” not “Classic Sketchup Pro.” If Trimble wants to make new categories that exclude some licensees it needs to rename its products consistently, which includes renaming its licenses.

Here is my license page. The Subscription pane is broken and only shows that if i want to start a trial, i need to restart sketchup, which never works and the message never goes away.

t would be super stupid to pay trimble 300 dollars a year just for the ability to use VR. The other features of the subscription service may warrant the price, but honestly does anyone actually use Trimble Connect?

One workaround is this great company that has a converter for free that transfers sketchup files to UE4. You can launch into a UE4 VR experience really easily using this. it looks better than regular sketchup as its rendered. Oh, and UE4 is free.

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Unity is another option. They have a free version too, and years ago I convinced them to add SketchUp support. I need to chase them on that because you have to save back to 2014 or so, for it to then import ok.

You make a good point about the license screen, I’ll point that out too.