Sketchup viewer VR authentication

Hi all, I try to use:
-> Sketchup viewer VR ( 2019.1)
-> on windows 10
-> with HTC Vive
-> Vive port uptodate

=> I launch Sketchup viewer. Iniside the VR, the system ask to to login on the main screen
=> a newtab is open on my edge
=> I choose to login with Trimble account
=> after login a white screen appear on the navigator
and , …
Nothing append during 10 minutes.

I do several try , restart the computer, try several account , try google account, …

Any idea? Please help

Do you have a subscription license?

I like your YouTube channel.

I think you just have ‘Classic’ licenses, and those don’t include the AR/VR features.

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Wait, I take that back. I was checking your person email. Under your ‘info@’ email you do have subscriptions. So, make sure you’re signing in with that one, or under one of the assigned email address, which are in the format of license_sketchup_n@.

I use the second line

its cleary specify VR.

The funny thinks is that this interface is very very longue, …

You might think about editing your post, or I can get someone to do it. Unless you don’t mind publicly showing your email address?

The first address is currently locked, perhaps after too many wrong sign in attempt. You may need to do a forgot password on that one.

Your email address has NFR subscriptions, I’m trying to find out if that is significant.

Do you see the model ok if you sign in with one of your license_ addresses?

I think we have something like 5-10 licences. I try many of then. and its always the same reaction. Blanck page ont he navigator.

On the HTC , I just see the login message

Try chome to set as your default browser, edge is problamatic


@MikeWayzovski , Thanks ! I change to Chrome and it’s work.
Sketchup viewer is not compatible with Edge

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