VR with SketchUp for schools

I am wondering if with SketchUp for schools are you able to transfer your sketchup drawing onto a VR headset so that you can view them in there?
And if so how do I do this?

Hi Paul,

This is Aris with the SketchUp team.

Unfortunately SketchUp for Schools does not include our SketchUp Viewer for VR. This is available only through our professional licenses (Pro & Studio) and through SketchUp Studio for Students (You will be required to provide academic proof before obtaining your license).

If you or any of the students want to try the application, SketchUp Viewer for VR is included in our 30-day trial


Sorry I missed the second part of your question.

Once you get access to the app via the Trial or SketchUp Studio for Students, follow the instructions here to get started and open a model in the VR Viewer. You can load a model from your desktop, 3D Warehouse, or Trimble Connect.