When will Sketchup for Schools be available in Hong Kong? :)

Hi we are a G Suite for Education school, we would really like to get hold of Sketchup for Schools! Any idea when it will become available in Hong Kong? :question::grinning:

Hi @hd_brown It is currently taking us about a week to deploy SketchUp for Schools to new regions. We have added Hong Kong to our list and you should see the app appear in the G Suite marketplace in a matter of days.

Yeah it’s working, thanks! Any chance of the extension manager working…?

Hi Hugh,

SketchUp for Schools does not support extensions, at this time.

Which extensions were you hoping to be able to use?


Hi John, I am from the same school and use Sketchup with my class. We currently use Flattery and Augment exporter extensions.

Thanks, Stewart- very helpful. Can you talk a little more about how you’re using these extensions in class? Ultimately, I’d like to be able to support what you’re doing directly with SketchUp for Schools so you don’t need to install any extensions to get your student’s needs met.


Hi John,

With flattery we create packaging by unfolding 3D shapes into flat nets, add tabs and export as SVG. The SVG’s are brought into illustrator and laser cut then assembled as packaging. If there was a function within sketchup itself to do this that would be great as it’s a powerful tool for packaging design.

In terms of Augment, we just use the third party Augment exporter which exports models directly into Augment to be used in AR. I think this one would be less useful as is probably more of a niche area and can still be achieved by saving the skp and importing it in through Augment so not such a biggie. It’s just a timesaver.

One other useful extension we use is JF Tools OrthoViews. I’m not sure if it’s available in the extension warehouse but is useful for creating orthographic views. Again if this could be built into the program it would be pretty big for a lot of people as working drawings are often required for in product design, industrial design and architecture.

Thanks for your time.

Thanks @stewart.ross, we appreciate your feedback. As John mentioned, we will look into ways to support your workflows directly in SketchUp for Schools. Regarding the last extension: JF Tools OrthoViews will create multiple copies of your modeled component(s) and then orient them on the screen into orthographic views. How do you typically transfer the views from the SketchUp model to your working drawings?

I think with the new support from ARkit (iOS) and ARcore (Android) you’re going to see lots of new ways to do augmented reality with your SketchUp models in the future.

Thanks for the extra info about package design- sounds like you’re doing some interesting work in your class!



Exporting the orthographic views is problematic. I normally get my students to change the styles to straight lines and hide the axis, export as png then vector trace the lines as a technical drawing in illustrator. Dimensions have to be added manually in illustrator. It would be good if it could be all done from within sketchup. Also good to hear support for AR is on it’s way.

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