SketchUp for Schools for tutors / after school clubs


I teach SketchUp for Students in after school clubs in Seattle. I’m excited to see that there will be a SketchUp version that works on Chromebooks, as some schools currently can’t offer SketchUp because they use that platform. I’m trying to understand how this program will work. Since I"m not employed directly at a school, is there anyway I can access it. My goal would be to help schools understand how to utilize and install the program. Thanks!


Under the hood, SketchUp for Students is: my.sketchup - and my.sketchup is available on the web.

You should be able to familiarize yourself with the basic modeling functions and they will carry over to SketchUp for Students. This won’t get you any experience administering it, but should give you a good running start until you can access SketchUp for Students.

You might be able to access SketchUp for schools - if you have a login for a G-Suite for Schools (?name?) domain that has it enabled - and allows access from outside their internal network. Check with the schools you work with.



So I would like to discuss SketchUp for Students with some schools who only use Chromebooks. If they know nothing about G-Suite for Schools or SketchUp, what would be the best resources to send them to. How do they go about getting a login? Will you be developing any curriculum to go along with SketchUp for Students?

Thanks again!

Diane Dieterich



Now we’re getting beyond my expertise. My previous information was based on information I read in my routine perusal of this forum, combined with a fading acquaintance with Google Apps (the precursor to G-Suite) ending 5 years ago. And beyond this forum, I’ve no experience with “for Schools” variations.

I’d bet the person you need to reach is the G-Suite administrator(s) for the school(s) in question. Once you’ve found that person, refer then to the SketchUp for Schools Category in this forum. Here’s the non-hidden url:


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