As a teacher, how do I access SketchUp for Schools?


SketchUp for Schools is integrated with Google’s G Suite for Education and is accessed through the G Suite Marketplace or the Chrome Web Store.

The School’s administrator will need to deploy SketchUp for Schools before students and teachers at that School will be able to launch the application. Once deployed, the SketchUp for Schools icon will appear in the Google navigation menu (at the top right of Gmail) and can be launched directly from there.

Sketchup for schools doesn't work

Is the “SketchUp for Schools” that is available through G-Suite a very old version from the olden days when SketchUp was a Google product? Or is it an alternate way of delivering a current SketchUp product attached to an educational license?


It is my.sketchup running on the school’s (edu) google suite licence


OK. Now I understand. Thanks!


So, is this “Version” of Sketchup free?


Yes! SketchUp for Schools is completely free for any school signed up with G Suite for Education. Check out our blog post for more information.


Thank you for sharing the blog post. I’ll forward it to our admin.


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