Kubity // SU rendered model sharing // FREE



I am not big on FB but it can be used as a helpful resource or forum extension if you apply it that way.

I seen this this morning as a Facebook post. It looks like a VERY COOL option for sharing your model not just the files. As your client or other parties involved do not need the SU viewer installed on their devise. I followed the link that has a video of how it works and they ask for a email address. As it will be available soon and you are signing up for further info. As a casual option for someone to view or suggest changes to your work. In effect, it is as if you shared it in the 3D Warehouse, but if there are contract or plans for a bid proposal involved. Other alternatives should be used as it does not mention if your work or file is now in essence a “open-source” project, free for whom ever to do anything to. Just wondering if anyone else had anything to add or info about this…Peace…