How to share 3d model with client

I’m having trouble finding a easy way to share 3d model with a customer. I tried the sketch fab extension and could not get it to work. Is their any other easy ways to do this. I would like for them to be able to move the image their self’s. But if that is not possible that’s ok. I mainly send everything to them via e mail.

You have some options:

  1. 3D Modeling Online Free | 3D Warehouse Models | SketchUp - this is a stand alone viewer that needs to be downloaded once but then can open and spin around models. You’d still need to send them the file of course.

  2. You can upload it to 3D warehouse as they have the ability to rotate around. May not work as well for complex models and no scene, shadow or style settings. Also may be made public so keep that in mind

  3. Or you can link it to a shared Trimble Connect account and open it in SketchUp Free (online)

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There are two approaches:

  • Share the skp file and the client needs SketchUp or the SketchUp Viewer to open it:

    • email (email was not designed to handle big files, apart from that mailboxes may have limits like 20MB)
    • cloud storage (own cloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc., public file hosting sites)
  • Upload the file to a 3D viewer platform and share the link with the client to view it online without installing anything. Usually the file is not editable.
    For example SketchFab and many similar platforms etc., SketchUp 3D Warehouse (public, downloadable) and Trimble Connect (built into SketchUp, private possible).

But this all won’t help if it doesn’t work for you. Why not tell us what you struggled wizh in SketchFab, what did you try and what was the result?

Thank you guys for the suggestions. I will describe what happened with sketch fab. I down loaded the exstention and up loaded it to sketch fab. Then I created a free account with sketch fab. The model uploaded fine to my account and I can see it just fine. I didn’t see any share button like I saw in one tutorial. But I saw where you can copy the link and send that. So I copied the link and sent it. The customer clicked the link and set up an account but on my page it doesn’t show that I have any models. I made sure my model was not set to private. But they still couldn’t see it. It just shows zero for my models. I know i probably did something wrong just don’t know what.

Well what do you know. Learn something new everyday.

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