Sharing private model from my 3D warehouse on info portal URL

Is there any way i can share my ‘private’ model that i uploaded to my 3D warehouse collection & then embed onto my ‘members only’ web site, as i dont really want to share it on the open 3D warehouse?

Hi Bri,
Unfortunately 3D Warehouse is a place for sharing. In order to “share” a private model with some people without sharing it publicly with all people, you would need something like an authentication for selected viewers (e.g. identified by email address) or unique, hard-to-guess share links. 3DWarehouse doesn’t have this because it’s not its focus.

There are plenty of third-party services focussed on private collaboration or private sharing with clients. Many of them have exporter extensions to export from SketchUp to the file format of their service. An example with private share links is SketchFab (Pro plan).

Alternatively you could export to WebGL and host a WebGL viewer on your own site (with your own access restrictions), for example with glTF Export.

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You could of course upload your model to 3DWH and not add any metadata and just name it “YjNlayReImlBcW0lZm97Wy0vKAkjUj5gazQyayYKW1BvQEZlKXp6ZyN4InswKTZpfXwKJjBYPWpkbmFCPDNNVEMufXJ4SVdsV2lCMFhBTiY6CW9JcAlCmxhOHY8e1ZPVShMQXwKTGsmSSpATy9NJCNwU1pZLUdKKk5jQlBRMz8qO3lEYDVeCjB1KQo3ZnhKbUA0YDRBQmMuM3RDOzxRLVJOI1I” and hope nobody will search for this.


Hi Aerilius, great info.
Thanks very much

I always wished that Trimble would add private sharing function for 3DW.

I use sketchfab occasionally but it’s not suitable for sharing work with Scenes/Layers etc

Adding something like Youtube’s ‘Public, Unlisted, Private’ options to 3DW for SU Pro would be great.

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For Pro users, SketchUp focusses on Trimble Connect (Pro classic: 10GB included, Pro subscription: unlimited). I am not aware whether it provides a) an embeddable web viewer and b) share links for sharing without manually creating new accounts for every collaborator/viewer.

I think there should be a business value.

What I would also like to see taken over from Youtube is URL parameters that allow to link (or embed) not only to a model, but to a specific camera position, scene or layer.


Yeah I’ve tried Trimble Connect but it was too cumbersome & heavy duty - i’m sure it’s great as corporate solution?

Most clients I want to share with are end users with no experience or connection to SU.

Sure, URLs embedded with scene parameters would be great too.

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You can use Kubity for that. Tou will have full control over who sees the model and not.

This is also a feature of Trimble connect, you can add comments (cloud marks) and tie a specific view on it.
So I doubt this will be embedded in the Warehouse?

Thanks Mike. I’ve used Kubity in the past but it’s too expensive for my needs now and I only need to share models occasionally. Also I would like to maintain the SU native style for consistency with other output.

Just seems like an obvious SU Pro feature to me, no big deal

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