3d Warehouse embed & Layers

I have uploaded a model to 3D warehouse for client to review Embed Page | 3D Warehouse but it seems the online viewer is not capable of working with layers like sketchup hiding some parts through scenes like here Dropbox - WW-P2 - Lobby - reception desk.skp - Simplify your life

Is that true ?

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Hi Martin,
Have you found the answer.
This functionality is very interesting.

I’d look, but it says “There was an error displaying the model. OBJECT_NO_ACCESS: Access to Entity with id ‘c8fbe204-4fc6-4760-85b3-846821a3a7cd’ is forbidden.” so you’ve made it private. Yes, not all features may be available. Will my.sketchup.com show the layers?

And I don’t think you can invoke the 3D Viewer in Warehouse if the model is private. I downloaded your skp, uploaded, and if it’s public, it’s easily viewable, and viewable in my.sketchup.com as well. You might want to look into using Trimble Connect if you want to share stuff like this but not make it public. Storefront | Trimble Connect

yes but I cant share the model with client without him going through the login process at my.sketchup.com as

And you can’t make the model public? How do expect to keep the model private but not make him/her log in?