Lock model 3D warehouse


I made a 3D model on sketchup and I would like to share the 3D on my website.
I imported my model in de 3D warehouse, made it public, and used the embed code to share it. It work perfectly but I dont wan’t my model to be accessible for other people on the 3D warehouse. I want to share it on my website but not in the warehouse.
When I make my model private it doesn’t allow me to see it on my website.

thanks in advance

You can host the model on your own website and let people download the file directly (no browser preview). If you don’t want the model to show in the 3D Warehouse, but still want it to be publicly available, I don’t think 3D Warehouse is the best place to put it.

+1, we don’t do that by default. There may be other ways, or other viewers, that would allow viewing. For example, you could save as a kmz (if it’s geo-located), which is just a geo-located Collada file, and open in Google Earth.