Can you upload models to 3D Warehouse and keep them private?

Love the new potential uses of the AR QR code: 3D Warehouse AR View: See your models in a whole new dimension

But is there a way to upload to the 3D warehouse without making the models universally downloadable / viewable? Is there a way to share privately via the 3D warehouse?

Have you tried?
Set the model to private, make a screenshot of the AR code and sent that to your client.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried just now. It says private models can’t be viewed in AR.

This AR function is great for people who have products to sell, but if we can’t share private models then it’s just something me and my colleagues can use. There’s no way that we can make our models freely available to everyone on 3D warehouse - they contain private client information, DCs that contain my IP, and IP from our manufacturers.

I do hope there will be a way to make this usable in the future as it looks like such a great facility!


What if you upload the .skp file to your Trimble Connect account and share the file with those you want to have it? The file won’t be available for public consumption that way.

Thanks Dave. I’ve not tried that yet. Does that also allow me to generate a QR code for AR?