How to Upload 'Private' models - not into 3D Warehouse?


Is there a way to upload models for clients to view. We obviously dont want to hang out the washing for others to view, especially during the consultation process.


You can make uploads to the 3D Warehouse private and share them with only those you wish or use an online storage service such as DropBox.


That’s one of the main points of Trimble Connect.


Hi, I am not sure how this helps!


Thanks Dave, I will check this out.


Not sure how what helps? Trimble Connect? It’s Trimble’s online cloud storage. You can upload files to it and only those with authorization can access them. They could get to it directly from my.SketchUp or locally installed version. If the client accesses it from my.SketchUp, they probably wouldn’t download the file. They could if they wanted to but they don’t have to.

Do you really want to share the SKP file with the client?



Thank you Box! This helps :slight_smile:


Hi DaveR, I often think about sharing my models with fellow consultants and /or clients. In my young days, I was very protective of digital information, but lately think it is really not that important. I think one has to be careful with clients or Project managers, I generally take a view of each individual before I share this level of electronic data. Thanks for the detailed feed back