Can I have a private folder but share only with staff

I have a collection of models my team and I have created from vendors we use a lot, I want to make these private to the public but available for a select few. Is this possible without them having to log into my sketchup warehouse account?

Semi-private is not an option in the 3D warehouse, only public or private. You could put these models in a folder that your team can all access, either on a local network drive or a service like Google drive. Or look into Trimble Connect which had lots of team management options that integrate with SketchUp.

Unfortunately that is not possible (yet).
Would be a nice feature to add tho, you could suggest this to the SU team.
(not sure which topic was opened for these sugestions o.0)?

This is a good thing for Trimble Connect and a project with your team members added.

For now, only verified manufacturers have this option
Check this thread for sharing via Trimble connect:

This way, all members have access to the same models locally.

Note that the TC now has two ways of importing another file (=component!)
The old is turned into ‘visual reference’ which was and is intended to import a ‘project specific file’ such as the landscape or main building and the nee option to import as (regular) component.