Open and edit a 3d warehouse model in Sketchup free

I know that i can open a 3D warehouse model from within Sketchup Free.
But i would like to be able to open a model in Sketchup Free from within the 3D warehouse website.
Then after changing the model saving it back to the 3D warehouse.
So without having to download, and than import into SU free.

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I think if you are signed in with a Trimble account then you never need to have the files locally and they can stay in the cloud no problem.

Thanks Liam for your suggestion.
I know about the possibility to use Trimble connect.
But i have all my file’s hosted in the 3D warehouse, and i would like to be able to edit these files in SU-free.
It would also be great if i could give invited, (or all people) permission to edit my files In SU-free to.
Now they can only view or download the file.

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The 3DWarehouse has no provision to allow others to edit your models – the “public” vs “private” choice only relates to viewing (and downloading). This could be bypassed if you’re OK with sharing your 3dWarehouse login information with those you want to allow to edit.

And the 3dWarehouse has no provision for selective permissions - a model is either fully public or completely private.

Look into a Trimble Connect account. It should be able to accomplish what you want.

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