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Would there be a way that when we upload models on the 3D sketchup warehouse it is not visible by all the members but only by, let’s say, our company?

So it would mean we have a private 3D warehouse only for our company and where we can’t put our patented products.

Is that possible?

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There is a “make private or public” option in the dialogue as I recall…but I saw that in the free browser version rather than the pro version you probably use. I’m sure the options are similar for commercial users.

Do you mean when you download sketchup make ?

Actually, we use Sketchup make 2017.

Did you say you are a company with patented products and you are using Make 2017?

Yes, but sketchup make is only used by the salesmen. Otherwise we have solidworks.

We have the STEP importer for sketchup.

That is still commercial use.

They use it when they come back from custommers to sketch what the custommers want.

You are using it as part of the workflow of your business, how can you not see that as commercial usage?

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You have indicated that you are using SU Make. You also identify yourself as representing a commercial business enterprise. This is a direct violation of the terms of the End User License Agreement to which you agreed when the software was downloaded.

SketchUp Pro must be used in this situation. Your use of SketchUp Make is illegal. You are required to only use SU Pro and for this reason it is requested that official licenses for SU Pro be purchased and installed for you and all of the salesmen representing your company.

This information is being provided to the SketchUp administrative group who will determine what legal action may be pursued.

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ok sorry for this

Thank you

I’ve seen with my collegues why they ask me this.

It’s befor buying a licence we have tried it on 2 persons with SU Make to see if it works.

Now we have made sure, we will buy the Pro version.

Thank you for your advices.

Back to your original question:



The 3dWarehouse is an all or nothing location when it comes to sharing. Models are either private to the user or shared with everybody.

However, Trimble has another repository: Trimble Connect

While I’m not familiar with the details, I’m 95% sure that it can be used for the purpose you envision.

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Thank you, this helps.

I’m gonna look into it !

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