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My Sketchup Pro 2018 trial license expired today but Make 2018 does not exist yet. Can I access my files without buying a Pro license?


There is not gonna be a SketchUp Make 2018, the last Make version will be 2017. In order to acces your 2018 files, you can upload them on the 3D warehouse and download them in an earlier version (you can still download version Make 2017), or use the Web app (SketchUp Free) and upload your files.


Please note that by uploading the model to the 3D warehouse you make it available for all, without compensation, so if the model (-s) are in any way copyrighted (or have copyrighted components / textures) you should reconsider doing this.

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Or set them to private


How can i upload my pro-files to warehouse without opening them first? My testperiod has finished and the normal way to upload to warehouse seems to be directly from an open file in sketchup. Is it possible to upload directly from finder?

Go here

Sign in, click the Upload button at the top right.

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Go to the 3D Warehouse in your browser and click on Upload Model.

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Thanks a lot!

I still find it stupid that the free version is online only. Come on, what hurts you guys to release an offline version of it? I know we have the 2017 version, but what about the future when you guys stop distributing the 2017 and under versions of Sketchup, then what? Who’s going to make Sketchup models offline without forking $700? It is dumb and it could hurt the company.

Think it over.

Sorry for the off topic reply, but I’m pretty disappointed of what you guys decided with Sketchup’s future.

The sound of entitlement.

Most users of SketchUp Make aren’t even using SketchUp 2017. They are still using older versions. The lack of SU2018 Make has absolutely no impact on most Make users.

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Well what about adopters in the future when Sketchup stops releasing the older offline free versions?

am pretty sure that it will be available for the foreseeable future from countless download portals, besides of this the SUFree online version will surely develop over time and therefore be a replacement at least for hobbyists resp. private users then.

What about the first time adopters that can’t go online nor afford spending $700 on the pro version?

if in the far future the SU Make version 2017 won’t be avilable any more or does not run with future operatings systems the ‘early adopters’ (for whatever reason this is relevant) can probably go online… or need to afford to pay for the product they want to use similar to a capable computer which isn’t available for free too… or switch to one of the countless alternative products available… at least according to some forum participants.

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If they can’t go online, how are they going to get any version of SketchUp? If they can’t go online, they won’t be first time adopters of any software.

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