Open SketchUp Make 2017 file after having saved it in Pro 2018 "Trial"

About a month ago, I downloaded SketchUp Pro 2018, mistakenly thinking that it was SketchUp Make 2018, and ended up with a SketchUp Pro 2018 “Trial”.
When I opened this version of SketchUp for the first time, I saw the message, telling me how many days left in my Trial period.
I then realised my error, and after re-checking the Download page, I see that there isn’t a SketchUp Make 2018, yet.
Rather than Uninstall Pro 2018 and Install Make 2017, I stupidly continued with the Trial.
I didn’t use Style Builder or LayOut, but I did create several new SketchUp files and opened some previously saved files, using the Trial version.
The Trial has now ended and I’ve downloaded and started using Make 2017.
But I find now that I am unable to access any of the files I created using the Pro Trial version or any of the files I accessed while using it.
I’ve downloaded SketchUp Viewer, hoping that I would be able to measure details in the small portion I required. But there is no measuring facility.
Other than buying SketchUp Pro 2018, do I have any alternatives ?
Thanks in advance, Jim

Upload the files to the 3D warehouse, download them as a previous version and then delete them again from the warehouse (if you don’t want them to be public) would be my best guess. Other than that, downloading the trial again on another machine and back-saving the files you need.

Thank you liam887.
I hope I can call you Liam, for short.
The Trial has expired, so I’m not sure how I can upload these files to the 3D warehouse, given that I can’t open the files to access the 3D warehouse.
Or have I, as I so often do, missed your point.

Upload them directly from the browser.
Open warehouse in your browser and sign in and upload.

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Thank you Box.
I see you are a Sage.
If this works, I shall henceforth refer to you as “Oh Great One”.
Too much ?

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Far too much.

Box, then.

To the Genii, currently known as liamk887 and Box.
I’m forever in your debt(s).
Thank you again.
From the southern hemisphere,


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