I experimented w PRO Trial version

I experimented w PRO Trial version -How can I open the work l did back in 2016 make? Its just a lot of work on our kitchen remodel and not worth spending $600 on.

You can open your files with either version, pro or make as long as they are the same year version. Your pro trial should have automatically become make and your files should still open just fine. Do they not?

You can back save to earlier SketchUp version via File>Save as… As EF pointed out, your Pro trial of SU2017 should have reverted to Make at the end of the30 days. That is, if you downloaded SketchUp Make. If you didn’t do that, you could uninstall SU2017 Pro and install SU2017 Make and then back save to SU2016.

Alternatively you could upload the files to the 3D Warehouse. It’ll automatically generate SU2016 versions.

Thanks Dave and Endless for the quickest and most effective reply to any usergroup forum question I’ve ever posted!
From your answers I saw that the problem was -that I accepted the offer to update from 2016 Make straight to 2017 Pro.
So when my trial with Pro ended it did not have a preexisting 2017 Make to refer me back to. It did not give me the information that Make would open my Pro saved files if only I updated my Make to the 2017 version.
That’s where your information was essential-Thank you!
I then had to uninstall 2017 Pro and install 2017 Make -twice because the first one had bugs (!)
And now I’m up and running again.Yeeay
I think the Pro people should try and make the end of trial options clearer, but then I’m not being paid to promote Pro sales.Ooops cynicism? Sorry but I’ve been inadvertantly beta testing software (including $7000 CADD software) for the last 30 years.
You guys put the fun back into user interaction! Thanks again!

Thanks Endless,
see my very long answer to Dave.
You solved the problem!

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