Free trial ended: trouble with retrieving designs

My free trial ended for sketchup pro 2017, I had used it to design something and now that my trial has run out I can’t see it or transfer it back to my current version. Is there any way I can get my designs back without buying the new version?

You can try uploading it to 3D Warehouse and download your current version.

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or use the recent Make version 2017 for down-saving (“File > Save as…”) to your current version, you can install them parallel at the system without doing harm to each other.

I can’t get onto the new version without paying for it so my content is
stuck on that version. I want to get it back to the 2016 version and i
didnt down save it because i didnt know you had to. is there any other way
i can get it back?

Why don’t you do what @sketch3d_de suggested and install SketchUp Make 2017? Then you can open the files and save them down.

Or do what @filibis suggested and upload them to the 3D Warehouse. The Warehouse will generate versions of the file for older versions of SketchUp.

I can’t even access it to upload it to the warehouse though

You should have saved. It’s a fundamental principle for any software.
SketchUp automatically saves your work though every couple of minutes by default, you may find it inside ‘Documents’ folder if you’re and using Windows.

Check these articles for more information (search autosave):

and this thread: Where Are Autosave Files?

never asked for this.

Download the free Make version 2017, install it, open the documents you have made with SU v2017, do a “Save as… > Save as type: ####”:


Not to mention, you can upload a saved file to the warehouse via your browser, so you can upload 2017 files without being able to access them on your computer, then download them as earlier versions that you are able to use.

@georgie, I think you need to uninstall the ended SketchUp 17 Pro trial version first, before attemting to install the SU 17 Make version. I’m not talking about uninstalling any previous version(s)!

I just didn’t know that the software was only a free trial, and that you had to do that. I’m on a Mac, any advice for that?

Ok thank you!

If you bother to look at the links i gave earlier, you would see in one of them saying:

If you’re a Mac OS X user, you find the file in the following folder: ~User/Library/Application Support/SketchUp Version/SketchUp/Autosave. On recent versions of OS X, the Library folder is hidden, so you must make the folder visible before you can find your auto-saved file.

if you have saved your documents regularly (?) you are not required to search for AutoSave documents.

Wow I’m sorry!

I saved my document heaps of times! On the 2017 version that I now can’t access because I only had it for 30 days. So don’t make me out to be stupid like I didn’t even save it cause I did. Thanks for nothing

you maybe should in general try to read and understand before blaming people helping you

… I have referenced @filibis post concerning searching the automatically saved files which is not required if documents were saved normally.


simply download/install the free SketchUp Make version 2017 and save your documents to the file version desired.

@georgie, but uninstall the Pro trial version first.

I tried this and it didn’t work. It said my free trail has already ended I’m it sure what to do now

Uninstall the expired Pro [trial] 2017 version.
Download the desired Make 2017 version.
For PC - ind the downloaded installer’s exe file, select its icon right-click and use the context menu item ‘Run as administrator’.
That will install Make properly.
You can use that to open any SKP file created in v2017 or earlier versions irrespective of the Pro/Make status.
The Make version is for non-commercial ‘home’ use, it lacks a few of the Pro features - like Solid Tools and several import/export options…
Get you Make version from here: Download All | SketchUp
Do NOT get a Pro version, the trial has already expired and it will never reinstall unless you license it…