How to retrieve design done during 2019 pro trial?

I was using the 30-day trial for 2019 PRO, and I created a design. I saved it as 2017 because I was not intending to continue with 2019 PRO after the trial.
Now that the trial has ended, that project has disappeared, including the one that I saves as 2017.
Any ideas whether I will be able to retrieve that project?

If you saved it on your computer it should still be there. The default save to location would be the My Documents folder although you could have changed where it got saved. SketchUp model files don’t get deleted by SketchUp when the trial period ends nor when you uninstall the program unless you saved them in the Program’s folder which you’d have to do intentionally. Do a file search for .skp files.

While you’re here please correct your profile. There is no SketchUp Make 2019 as it indicates.

If you know what you named the file, just perform a simple search and you should find it no problem.