Recover unsaved file after update to 2024 version

I had a free trial of sketchup 2023 and was working on a project. I close my computer and it says ¨Please update to the latest version to continue your trial. Trials are no longer available in this version of sketchup. Update to the latest version to continue¨. So I did, I updated to sketchup 2024 and as I did not have time to save the previous project, it does not appear in the new 2024. How can I get it back?

yes, while pro users don’t HAVE to install and update, trial users do, since the trial is only in the latest version.

well I don’t think you will. if you don’t save your project, ever, and you close sketchup, then you loose your project. it’s the case in pretty much every software.

SU has an autosave but it’s in case of a crash. if you properly quit sketchup 23 without saving what you were doing, well, not much hope there.
I’m not sure where it’s located on a PC, and I don’t have mine to check right now.

by the way, your profile says “free plan 2023”. it’s not. it’s trial 2024
and your os is not 2023-2024. it’s windows 11 or mac os 14 or…
and your graphics card is not a ryzen 7. that’s your CPU. we’re talking GPU.