Model deleted with forced 2024 sketchup update

Hello, I had a model open, it had been saved as I am paranoid and ctrl+s save every 10 minutes or so. When I returned from a 2 day trip sketchup forced me to update to 2024 so I followed the install prompts but now the file I was working on is just empty with a name. Windows.

Thanks for the input everyone, at this point I will cut my losses and start over.

SketchUp does not force you to update.

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It prompts you that an update is available but does not force you to update.

If you saved your work prior to the update, you should have a *.skb file as a backup.

You can upload your file here to see if anyone else can open it and see if there is any content.

That shouldn’t have happened. So, the usual questions:

  • Did you leave SketchUp 2023 running with that model open while you were away? If so, was the model still there in 2023 before you did the upgrade?
  • Did you explicitly open the file in 2024 after completing the install, or did it automatically open?
  • Are you saving skp files to your local hard disk?
  • Did you close SU 2023 before doing the update? (Note: each version installs as a separate app, it does not modify other installed versions, but having a file open in an old version might somehow cause a conflict).
  • Did you install 2024 correctly by right-clicking the installer and selecting “Run as Administrator”? That is not the same as being logged on as an Administrator.
  • Did you try rebooting the computer after doing the 2024 install?

I don’t remember the exact phrasing, but I couldn’t get 2023 to open, it kept prompting me to install the newer version. I would have paid more attention if I knew my file would disappear as well.

Sara.skp (1.1 MB)

-I had left the model open since I was still working on it, but it had been closed out of automatically due to a computer update. I couldn’t get 2023 to open and it kept prompting me to update to 2024, so not sure if the model was still there before.
-I opened the file after the install, it did not come up automatically
-Saving to onedrive local and cloud
-I closed and deleted the 2023 version since it would not allow me to open and kept prompting me to update to 2024.

This is the prompt I get, just redownloaded 2023 to see if it would open:

Please update to start trial

Trials are no longer available in this version of SketchUp. Update to the latest version to continue.

Update now

Have you tried this:

Those are both cloud, not local. Best to save local only, and sketchup installers don’t even touch your working files.

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Unfortunately, that file is empty. It opens without error for me, but there is nothing there other than some unused materials. Not even any unused components.

Yes, i did try this multiple times without any luck.
Somehow when opening a SUP22 file, it want to open it with SUP24, which i do not want.
So now i have to start SUP22 and open my skp files from within the program.

Question, do you perhaps also have the *.skb (backup file) version?
With a bit of luck, the backup file may still contain your model (fingers crossed)!

That is how it is supposed to work!!

Generally it will use the latest version of an application to open ALL versions of the file. If you want to open it in a previous version you need to open it from within the application.

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Hmm… First you advice a user to use the option to change the default program to open skp files. But when it does not work, you confirm it does not work because the system will always try open it in the latest version of SUP? :thinking:

Anywhoe, will have to get used to this new workflow :slight_smile:

But this is standard system behavior.

The OP was having trouble opening older versions in the newest version - so I thought it might work to force the system to open them in the newest application.

I have no idea what you are trying to do, or why you need to do it, but yes, if there is a specific reason you want to open a file with a previous version of the software, then yes, you will have to open the software first and then open the file.

Or uninstall the latest version of the software you do now want to use.


Main reason i still use sup22, many extensions i need to do my job are not yet updated for sup24.

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Ok, thank you for taking a look.