File suddenly become blank & entire model disappear

While doing my assignment by using sketchup, suddenly scene become blank & entire model disappear. What is this?Why would this happen? Please reply me & help me to solve problem as soon as possible, thank you.

Hard to tell without seeing the SKP file. What did you do immediately before it went blank?

Skp file is the sketchup file right? I didn’t do anything before it went blank. but i saved it after went blank because i worrried that my file is unsaved. after i saved, i open again but still remain the same, that’s blank scene.

Yes. the SKP file is the SketchUp file. Upload it here using the 7th button from the left above the message window where you type.

Try hitting Shift + z.

i can’t upload my file. it loading from 0 percent until 4 percent then come back to 0 percent, it happen few times. Some suddenly stop loading. and aslo, I hitting shift + z, didn’t appear anything. How comes?

If anyone know how to solve this problem or other method to upload skp file, please give some replies, thank you very much.

In SU, try Camera > Zoom Extents.

If you added many guide lines, then first delete them via Edit > Delete Guides, then trying Zoom Extents.

This is a guess as to what happened and how you may be able to avoid it in the future.

There has been a history of this kind of experience with systems having an Intel graphics adapter (card) . The only workaround that I am aware of is to remove your 64-bit version of SketchUp and replace it with the 32-bit version. For some unknown reason, the 32-bit version works acceptably with the Intel graphics card and SU 2016.

After you uninstall the 64-bit version, you can download the 32-bit version of the same release by clicking the following url link:

Hopefully this works for you. Typically the file should still remain on your system, but you may need to perform a search using the date and/or filename or other criteria to locate it now.

ok i will try it thanks.

thanks, but i don’t understand last sentences. How to perform a search using the date and/or filename or other criteria to locate it?

some enquiries: okay, i saved the skp file as sketch up pro 7 at the 1st time, but then i open with sketch up 2016 version at the 2rd time. So if i save my file at 2rd time, it will automaticlly become 2016 version?
If i want remain the file as SU pro 7, need to click"save as…" everytime? Thank you.

Yes, you would have to do “Save As” every time you want to save a SU16 file as SU7 file.