Sketchup File went Blank


I have been working on a model for the last 3 hours…and suddenly it went blank.
I am set up to auto save every 5 minutes. I re-opened the file, and everything I had done this morning is gone. Any help would be appreciated!!


hello, try opening the .skb file after copying it and renaming .skb into something.skp


Debugging tests:
• Do “Select All” and look at the Entities Info palette and see if it says there’s any number of entities.
• Look at the outliner and see if there’s anything in the list.
• Turn on visibility of hidden geometry and/or Unhide all to see if stuff is hidden instead of gone.

If everything really is gone, @paul.millet’s suggestion is the only recourse left.


If the tests @RTCool suggested show that there is still content in the model, here is a possibility: particularly if you have been using leader text to label something that is basically planar, there is a known bug that can cause the text to fly off to infinity and that makes SketchUp zoom out so far that your model seems to disappear. To repair, you need to select and delete the offending texts. Basically that means selecting all and then unselecting the valid content using shift and a left to right selection box.


I fixed one yesterday where several coffee cups had decided to orbit the moon.


Thank you for all you help and suggestions.
I ended up starting over, my new model is better than the one that disappeared.


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