'File created in newer version of sketchup' - No it wasn't!


I create a model, like I did yesterday and it says ‘file was created in new version of sketchup’

It wasn’t.

It then says ‘visit sketchup.com to get the latest version’

I don’t want to. I have all my plugins etc exactly as I want them to go with my workflow and if I get the latest version I have to redo the whole thing from start, my rendering program won’t work anymore and I will be hugely inconvinienced.

Do I really HAVE to upgrade in order to be able to open files?


What version of SketchUp were you using when creating/saving this particular SKP file ?
Do you have other versions of SketchUp installed on your PC ?
If you have a SKP made/saved in one version of SketchUp, then it can only be opened in that version, or in a newer version.
Check which version of SketchUp you have running…
Let’s assume you have v2017 and have made a v2017 SKP file, but then you try opening one in v2016 - clearly it won’t work.
However, you should do a ‘save_as’ in v2017 to make it a v2016 compatible file [drop down list of file-types], therefore making that file usable in v2016 [as well as v2017]…

If the file was obtained from a third party and it’s ahead of your SketchUp version, then ask them to give you a ‘back-dated’ version.
If it’s off the 3dWH then you are stuck with the earliest version that its author offers…


I am only using sketchup 2015. There is no later version on my computer. I did download 2016 but when faced with the plugin issue I deleted it again. I can literally click open sketchup from the shortcut on my task bar, sketch a wee drwaing, save it to the desktop and close. and then when I try opening it again it will give this message.


Are you sure that v2016 was properly uninstalled ?
Simply deleting shortcuts etc is not sufficient…
Control Panel > Programs and Features…
This looks to me like you are [or have been] using v2016 to make/save [or edit/save] some SKP files…
and then when you try to open them in v2015 they WILL fail.

You say you have a shortcut on your desktop… select it > right-click and check where it points…
If it’s NOT pointing to v2015, then there is your issue…



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