Trying to open file, Sketchup says "File created with a newer version, and it was not

My file is held hostage and now I cannot open. I am trying to open a file created in Sketchup 8, and only ever used in sketchup 8, and the software is telling me that it was created ina newer version of Sketchup. It was not, and now I cannot get to my file that I have so much time into. I am in a panic.

John G.

You might try uploading it to the 3D Warehouse … you can then download earlier versions.


upload it here, and someone can try Exporting it to SU v.8

Thank for the advice.

I ended up loading Sketchup Pro (trial) opened the document and saved it as a Ver 8 file. I was then able to open the file with Sketchup 8.

Since this was the only document I was having this issue with, I will dump Sketchup Pro to avoid other problems.

Best -

John G.

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