Newbie confused as usual

When I try and open a file I get a message that this drawing was created with an older version, go to and update your version. I have searched everywhere but can’t find an update link to do this. Any ideas? I am using Sketchup free.

you mean, when you upload the file on it says that ?
that’s weird, only sketchuo pro displays this message normally…

you’ll have to give us more infos, your profile is too vague.

  • you say you use sketchup free. the online version or an old make version?
  • you say your drawing was made in an older version. if so, it’s really not an issue.
  • are you sure it’s not in a newer version ? as in more recent than yours?

from context, here is what I gather :

if you’re using an old sketchup make version, not the online free version, then when you’re opening a file and it says it’s more recent, not older. because an older file would open fine and not prompt you to update.
am I close ?

if not, can you share the file ? and also a screenshot of the message maybe ?