Can't open old Sketch up (free version)

I made some drawings of my house in May. I tried to open them today, it says they were made in a newer version, that I currently have an older version. This makes no sense, as I made them months ago, and haven’t touched them or sketch up since. Nevertheless I upgraded. Still no go. It says the below:

You have version 8.0.16845.
You need version 14.0.4899.

I tried to update, and it only allows me to update to Sketchup Make version 8. There is no free version 14.?

You upgraded to 8 or 2014? You should update to the latest MAKE version: Download All | SketchUp

yes, I went and tried to download 2014. But it says version 8 when I install.
Trying again…

Ok, now it seems to be working. Sorry, was just frustrated. Lot of work to redo if I couldn’t open the old files. Thanks

Yes sometimes you need to clear your browser cache (and delete any old installers in your “Downloads” directory.)