Install issues please help a non techy soul


I originally started using a couple years ago back when it was owned by Google and was using SketchUp Free (2016-2017), desktop version, now I believe it is called SketchUp Make 2017, this is where I am attempting to open my old files from. I have tried re-installing BOTH version SU Make for desktop and SU Free in browser and neither on is downloading or functioning to open my saved previous project.
Recently I got a pop up saying my free trial of SU Free had ended and thats when this journey began. Right now I am having a lot of issues. To start with, when I try to open up a saved SU 2016 or 2017 file from desktop pop up window says" This file was created in a newer version of SU. You have version 8.0.16846, you need version 16.0.19912. Please go to for latest version" However then when I attempt to download the latest version (2018 Sketch up Make) the install gets stuck on "Installing visual C++ “14” for an hour and never finishes! This is also getting stuck here when attempting to download SU viewer!
Also, if I just click to open my saved SU project from task bar a different pop up comes saying “The code execution cannot proceed bc mfc140.dll was not found. Try reinstalling program.”

Unfortunately for me, Im rather a novice user. I don’t really know what any of these things mean and I simply need to be able to open my project back up to see details and measurements, but barely even to actually change or use it, mostly just view it functionally.

Any advice is much appreciated, I have reached a road block and not sure how to make it download or open on browser to view my project.

Please help,
Mahalo from Hawaii,


Hi @mrtoadhawaii, (Stan)

I suggest you download SketchUp Make 2017. As long as you use it for personal, non-commercial work, Make is perfectly suited for what you need and you should be able to open files created by earlier versions with this version. There is no cost associated with this download and, once installed, it will enable you to run SU2016 and SU2017 files.

You can download Make from the linked url PROVIDED HERE!