How to update an older version of sketchup?


Hello everyone, I currently have sketchup 8 and it apparently can’t open a file I recently edited in sketchup make. Do I uninstall the older version in order to download sketchup make? Because right now I’m unable to download make (how do I check how many devices I have downloaded sketchup on? Because I downloaded maybe once or twice on the school computers, and it says it can be downloaded max twice)
I would like to avoid uninstalling sketchup 8 since I have a lot of older files I wish to be able to open later…

Thank you for the help!!!


Do you mean that you edited the file in a newer version of SketchUp Make, as in newer than SketchUp 8? You can save new files as older .skp versions by opening the Save As dialog, then clicking on the dropdown menu right beneath the file-name field.


I downloaded sketchup make on the school computer as to open my sketchup file (which I had made in sketchup 8 on my own laptop). But now I can’t open the new file in sketchup 8.


Ah okay, I hadn’t noticed that, thanks :slight_smile:


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