Open old file

I am trying to open a file I created about a year ago. I recently dowloaded sketchup make 2017 and 2018 onto a new computer. When I open the file with Sketchup 2017 all I see is a blank design page. Any suggestions? thanks!

Can you upload the SKP file here, someone could open it on their end to see if they are able to narrow things down a little.

Hit the reply button, the seventh icon from the left on the top row allows you to attach files to your post…

Ian, thanks so much for the tip. I just tried to upload skp file but it is 18.7MB which is larger than the allowable file size for uploading.

Ok, you could upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive and share the link to it here instead, that would work.

For your information, if you made Groups and Components in the model you can take a look in the Outliner to see if there are any Groups/Components in the model. They will show here…


If you didn’t make Groups/ Components then go to: WINDOW>MODEL INFO>STATISTICS

Pay attention to the number of faces/edges in the model, but Groups/ Components and many other entities will show here…


EDIT: The file in question cannot be blank and must contain something because of the size though.

If you look in Outliner as Ian suggests and you find some groups or components listed, right click on one and choose Zoom Selection. What do you see then?

I’m thinking that as this is a new computer maybe its just struggling to open the file, graphics driver stuff maybe. If we can open the file on our ends at least it could be narrowed down to the file itself or the OP’s computer?

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Thanks again for the tip. i uploaded the skp file to dropbox here. Dropbox - Benefit Layout 2017.skp - Simplify your life

can one of you open it in sketchup make 2017 or 2018?

Here’s the file saved as SU 2017, shared on Google Drive.
Geometry assigned to the extra layers you created has been reassigned to Layer0.

Since then, perhaps you’ve learned more about the proper use of SketchUp’s layer system.
If not, see this SketchUp training video…