Sketchup Versions

Hello, I’ve created a model in Sketchup 15, but I also needed to download Sketchup 8 which I did to put the model in game that I created. All my files changed to Sketchup 8 files, but it was made in Sketchup 15. Any idea or help?

What is the question ?

I think the Angrish kinda got mixed up there.

Just download and install SketchUp 2015 version or 2016. You still have option to back-save them into SketchUp 8 Version for your game model.

I got it. I had to use the open with feature. It converts all of the files back now. The problem was, I had to use Sketchup 8 for it. That was the main reason why I needed to use that to put my model in game.

SketchUp associates the .skp model files with the version you have opened last. You can make it switch to another version by opening the application from the start menu and then opening a file from inside SketchUp. Windows Explorer also should display a choice of versions when you right-click on a .skp file in the “Open With…” submenu in the contextual menu.


Yep, thank you. I got it.