Converting newer SketchUp to SketchUp 8 file



Hi, I’m in 9th grade and I’m currently in a class where I’m learning to use SketchUp and we use SketchUp 8. The other day there was an assignment about building a house, but I didn’t finish so I uploaded my file to my Google Drive and I went home and used SketchUp Free to finish it and when I got to class to download the file and open it I realized SketchUp couldn’t open it since it was a newer version file of SketchUp. I tried 3D Warehouse, but you can’t convert it to SketchUp 8 file anymore. I have until February 20 to find a way to open it and show it to him in SketchUp 8 or at least would like that, but if there is no way to do that I’ll guess I’ll show it to him in the SketchUp Free.

  1. Download SketchUp Make
  2. Open your file
  3. Save as
  4. Select SketchUp version 8 from the “Save as type” menu


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