My sketchup i don know how to get sketchup 8

hi Jody. I’m a student at college at the moment. I had a problem with the sketchup.
What happen is at college I got assignment need to be done before this Monday 15/9/14. the object like a phone, interior of a house and cabinet. I have done it on sketchup8.
than my problem is the sketchup they use in college is sketchup 8. Not the same what I have download it from the forum because I have been trying to find the same sketchup 8 but I couldn’t. I try to find it as soon as possible. Can you Please help me with this problem. Mine was sketchup 2014, but not sketchup8. please please help me! If not my result and marks will be deducted. thanks you hope to be in touch soon if possible

If you’re using SketchUp 2014, do a Save As: and change the file type to SketchUp 8.

how teach me. because I have been try for long time I stil cant get it rite
im using hp notebook

You’re trying to get your Sketchup 2014 file to work at your school’s Sketchup 8 program right?

Open your drawing in Sketchup 2014. Go to File>Save As. And from there you can choose the file type, choose SketchUp 8

If you have Sketchup 8 and want to open a file done in Sketchup 2014, go download the free version of SketchUp 2014 (Make) and then do the save as to change version type.

If for some reason, you can’t find it: Upload your file here

no no. I dont have sketchup 8. I want sketchup 8, cause sketchup 8 have different tool in it to complete the object that I need to do. in sketchup make I don know how to use it. and I have sketchup 8 atm.

You’ll have to clarify, and what tool do you need in SketchUp 8 that doesn’t exist in SketchUp 2014?

never mine thanks for helping. =)

Older SketchUp versions can be downloaded from Downloading older versions | SketchUp Help