SketchUp asking for Update, Help!

Hi All,

I downloaded the 2017 Make version of SketchUp to look at some files that were sent to me. I assume I had the 30 day Pro trial activated.

The had no trouble opening the first file that was sent to me, but when I try to open the second file, I get an error message saying that this file was created with a newer version of SketchUp and that I need version 18.

When I check for updates in SketchUp, it says I am up to date.

Any idea what’s going on? Any workaround? I just need to open the file and take some screenshots of viewpoints


That check for updates is only looking at the current version. It’s telling you that you have the latest version of SketchUp 2017 Make.

You could open the file in SketchUp Free and take your screen shots from there.

Your profile says you are already using SketchUp Free (web). If that’s true, you don’t need SketchUp 2017 Make for what you are doing.

Thanks, Dave

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