Update SU Make

Hi All, I’m an infrequent user of SU, which I use for my own woodwork hobby projects. Out of interest I was reading a question about dimensioning and went to look at the attached models. However, I have a message to say I need to update SU in order to view the file. I’ve tried to update in the ‘Help’ section but get a message to say the SU is unable to update. Any ideas?

politely requesting a v17 version of the .skp file usually works…


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If your version (missing at your profile?) of SU is <2017, you can download MAKE 2017 and install it. If you’re using 2017 already and the file is from 2018, I would follow Johns suggestion.

v17 2017 download and it’s working perfact. :slight_smile:

also take a look at the extension Open Newer Version

Thanks John, to whom do I make my polite request?

Thanks Julian, I’m going to try John’s approach first, if that doesn’t work I’ll maybe download the program you suggested. However, I’d like to be able to update my SU as the versions change.

The author of the SKP file you want to open.

SketchUp 2017 Make is the last version of SketchUp Make. Install it and you will have the most current version of the free desktop client version. You can also use SketchUp Free, the web based version which can also open files made with SU 2018.