Shift from Sketchup Cloud to Sketchup desktop

Hey I hope someone can help. I’ve spend some hours building a prototype on the free version of Sketchup Cloud, but I finding it to be pretty lagging, which slows my down and makes it harder to work on it. Therefore I wish to shift to the older Sketchup Maker 2017 version. I’ve tried to download my work as a SKP file, both 2017 and 2021 version, but no matter what I does, I get the import error that I have the wrong version. Is there any fixes for this?

You should be able to choose to download your web .skp model as v2017, and then Open it in the desktop Make 2017 version.
Click on the three line menu top left in SU Free, then Download and you should get this dialogue:

Click OK.
The file will then download, and may even open automatically in SU Make.
(Don’t try to Import the downloaded file, just use File/Open in Make if it doesn’t open automatically.)

Does that work? It should.

If you still have trouble, send me your model by private message (click on my avatar, click again on my image in the popup window, and choose Message, and I’ll save it back to v2017) - but that shouldn’t be necessary