Can *no longer* export from sketchup free to 2017

This feature seems to be gone. It was there a few weeks ago. Did it go away with the newest features (i.e. the new logo :-))?

This feature has been removed accidentally or intentionally, but certainly without notice or very well hidden.
There has been a similar case recently.

Only the last 4 versions can be downloaded (2021, 2020, 2019, 2018), it’s the same for the payed SketchUp Shop too.

Sketchup Make 2017 can be downloaded

Yes, but the point being made is that you cannot download a model from the web version as a 2017 version.

Edit: sorry, just realised this is your thread. D’oh.

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Can anyone at SketchUp confirm that it is intended that a FREE user should not be able to transfer her/his model to the MAKE version?