Can *no longer* export from sketchup free to 2017

This feature seems to be gone. It was there a few weeks ago. Did it go away with the newest features (i.e. the new logo :-))?

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This feature has been removed accidentally or intentionally, but certainly without notice or very well hidden.
There has been a similar case recently.

Only the last 4 versions can be downloaded (2021, 2020, 2019, 2018), it’s the same for the payed SketchUp Shop too.

Sketchup Make 2017 can be downloaded

Yes, but the point being made is that you cannot download a model from the web version as a 2017 version.

Edit: sorry, just realised this is your thread. D’oh.


Can anyone at SketchUp confirm that it is intended that a FREE user should not be able to transfer her/his model to the MAKE version?

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Same issue - the option to download for version 2017 from web was very important, because I am in a middle of modeling of a house on web but I was doing the rendering on the Make 2017 version.

If it’s not possible to directly download for version 2017 from web, is there at least a way to convert it somehow? Or only on a paid version?

There is an extension that works in SketchUp 2017 to open newer versions but it’s a Windows-only thing. Doesn’t work on Mac.

Still waiting for confirmation from someone from SketchUp but it just might be that the time has come…

For now, download the 2021 version, log in and start the trial.
Downsave ([menu]File->Save As) the file to an earlier version.
Continu modeling there.
What renderer?

So was it announced that downloading 2017 version skp file from web version will be remove?

Still waiting to hear if that was an intentional change or inadvertent. I would expect when folks are back to work after the long holiday weekend we’ll get some news.

If this change wasn’t intentional this time, I would guess that at some point in the future the option to export to SU2017 will go away.

Update: We’ve re-enabled the abiliity to download 2017 .SKP files in SketchUp for Web.

Hi everybody,

This was an oversight on our part, and we are working on a fix to resurface the option to download 2017 SKP files from SketchUp for Web. I’ll post again when this has been fixed!

In the past, our policy has been to support file downloads for versions of SketchUp that two behind the current one. We’ve made an exception for SketchUp Make 2017, because we know there are a lot of people who prefer this free version. This exception will probably not last forever as we expect SketchUp Make will become more unstable over time. If anything changes on this front, we’ll certainly communicate out more intentionally.



Thanks Mark, it’s good to know.
I understand the motivations if you were to retire Make 2017 at some point but could you consider offering a different paid subscription model for the “occasional” users?
235 £/Year is a lot for people like me that uses it for 1-2 diy projects per year. The few quids that we are trying to save are quickly dissipated. Not being able to use extensions in the web version is really a bummer.

@robcos Can you say a bit more about which extensions you rely on in the desktop version for your kinds of projects?

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