Latest version of SU Make?

I am looking for a free version of SU for my builder, so he can pan/orbit around and find dimensions from my models…
What is latest version of SU Make available and where do I find it (assuming it still exists)?


You can get 2017 Make from the download page, but you’ll have to down save your models for him to view them.
He can download the Most current SU Viewer, also from the download page, and it will open newer models, it also means he can’t mess up the model by editing it.


You need a viewer - either SU or something like Sketchfab, which will be less complicated and more fun for your builder.

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@randyl Or you could have him install the extension Eneroth Open Newer Version and you won’t have to down save files for the builder to open with SU2017.

This is probably debatable (bordeline), but wouldn’t using SU2017Make to read / take dimensions from a model in a commercial environment constitute a breach of the licencing terms?

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If you create a project in Trimble Connect upload the model and invite the builder, he can take measurements, create mark ups, orbit and pan, even open in in SketchUp web browser!
Everyone is entitled for one project in the personal plan, if you have a subscription, you can have more.
Even create takeoffs for square footage etc.
No breach of licensing terms for either plans.

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