Can you keep me up to date about SU versions and tutorials?

Hi everybody.

Can someone keep me up to date just a little bit about changes in last months?
I’ve been disconnected from SketchUp world cause of personal issues.

What versions are people using the most?

  • 2017 make
  • 2017 pro
  • 2018 free
  • 2018 pro

2018 free requires a stable internet connection and it needs to be embedded on a internet browser necessarily, right?

Has 2018 pro version new interesting features in comparison with 2017 pro?
Is the 2018 free version getting new users or they prefer 2017 make?
What about plugins and extensions for 2018 free?

New tutorials, exercises or curriculums?, as for example these ones:

Thanks in advance.

You’ve probably had no answers because it is such a wide ranging set of questions. You don’t say why you need to know the answers or what you plan to do with SU, both of which might get something more useful. Most of us are end users and won’t necessarily have access to the statistical data you request.

SU 2018 did introduce some useful new features over 2017 but not mind-blowing IMHO. The improvements to LO were more radical and useful.

If you plan to use SU professionally/commercially, you must have Pro (you would not be licensed to use anything else). Pro comes with LO too.

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I don’t see anything new in that SketchUp for Schools Curriculum since last fall. It can be used for learning SU Free as they are essentially the same. I had one student do the “Mike’s Malt Shop” exercise in my class.

One major addition in SU Pro 2018 is more closely emulating solid modeling with the addition of poché, not that there weren’t workarounds in previous versions. To take advantage of it, you may have to change the way you model.

Thank you all.

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