You need version 18.0.16976

What’s going on here? Why am I getting this, “You need version 18.0.16976” when I try to open a model w/ SketchUp Pro version 8?

Where did you get the model? If it was saved in SketchUp 2018, you won’t be able to open it with an older version. You’ll need SketchUp 2018 to open it. It’s always been the case that older versions of SketchUp won’t open files saved as newer versions.

Thanks Dave. Seems I trialed the 2018 version of Pro. Don’t like the online version of the “free” but it seems that’s all there is now? Anyway to export from free 2018 back to Pro 8??

If the 2018 Pro trial still has time on it, you could use File>Save as… and save back to a SU8. Otherwise you’d need to find someone who has SU2018 Pro and ask them to do it for you.

2017 Make is still available. Like SketchUp Free, it’s for non-commercial use.

Is there a link for 2017 somewhere? I’ll trick the SU2018 Pro into giving me more time. Man I miss the old SU, when all of this was much easier.

Never mind, I found it:

How are you going to do that?

Nothing’s gotten harder about using sketchUp. If anything it’s gotten better. I couldn’t go back to old, bug-ridden SU8 for anything.

Well, I assume I can install it again under a different user, or a different computer.

What I miss is the downloadable version of Make (the web version is a dog), and you used to be able to try the pro version and have it revert to the free version if you decided not to upgrade. And I especially miss the low-cost upgrade.

That would work.

You can still download Make. I already told you that.

Since there isn’t a Make version of SU2018, of course it’s not going to revert at the end of the trial period.

That still exists if you keep up. If you go more than a couple or three years, you’ll have to pay the full price but the low cost upgrade is still available.

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