Can't Open Model Drawn in Pro into Make

I didn’t realize I was using a free trial version of Pro when I made some models. Now that the trial is over, I downloaded Sketchup Make, but when I try to open one of the models, it says “The file was created in a newer version of Sketchup. You have 16.1.1450; you need 17.2.2555.” Version 17.2.2555 is Pro. I’m a woodworker hobbyist and can’t justify the cost of Pro. Is there a way to get my models to open in Sketchup Make?

Two easy ways.

  1. Upload via your browser to the 3D Warehouse. Then download as the version you want - you get to choose which version when you opt to download.

  2. If you have another computer which will run SU2018 and has never had it installed, do a new installation, open your model in SU2018, then File/Save As the version your want.

PS. You can also install SU2017 Make if you want to - you can download it from back to v2017 Make or 2016 Pro for all supported OS platforms and languages.

OK, I went to my other computer with Sketchup on it to see what version it has. It has 17.2.2555. I went to this computer to see what version of Make is on it, and it has 17.2.2555 too. I tried to open the file that wouldn’t open before and it opened! It turns out I have TWO versions of Make on this computer. I uninstalled the previous version but I guess it didn’t work. I didn’t see the new upload thinking that the old version was the new one. Something like that. Now I too burned out to work on my model!

Might as well give up for today and start fresh tomorrow.

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